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Packaging (Bottling): 3 out of 5 – The bottle and sprayer are functional, but nothing special, aesthetically. You might think you can't smell it but try moving forward and step back you can definitely smell the scent following you.

And yes, I plan to use it myself now and then just to stay in a dreamy state. It had a more general purpose vibe that was easier to wear.Absolutely love this fragrance - except for the fact that there's something very sharp/astringent in here that gives me a massive headache.I eventually gave away my bottle of this to a friend since I couldn't handle wearing it anymore.You're better off saving your money and getting a Ferragamo for a third of the price Great scent, but nothing special, therefore a little bit overrated. I am tottaly indiferent to this masculine fragrance. I agree that the EDP has more depth to it but to me it's just the composition that works better on the EDT, for me. Girls like it although where I live you barely ever get a compliment for any scent except from people you sleep with :-) Anyway, it's an easy scent which might come over as boring.Opens with a cool grapefruit scent with a hint of mint, lemon and incense. Few minutes later the ginger and the strong nutmeg notes arrive, but the citrusy notes still detectable. I love the smell however there is zero uniqueness to it... To me this is the safest cologne you could ever wear. But it's nice to wear at all time, beautiful scent, and for it's simplicity and the energetic vibe I just love it.

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