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Walking is the most fundamental and widespread mode of transportation for human being.

People walk automatically without the need for conscious attention.

This will be based on a very efficient combined inverse dynamics and optimisaiton framework we have been developing over years [2,3,4], and will also be thoroughly validated against the gait measurement data collected using the state-of-the-art motion analysis system in our lab. A generic analytical foot rollover model for predicting translational ankle kinematics in gait simulation studies. There has been historical evidence that natural honey has healing properties and in particular Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties.

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However, the majority of the outcomes have been descriptive in nature as they are based on measurements, which by its nature tells us what happens but not why it happens. They must be biodegradable, bioactive and biocompatible.

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However, this seemingly simple task exhibits a very high degree of complexity.

Human walking requires complex control between multiple body segments, joints and muscles, working in synchronization to provide impressive terrain adaptation, shock absorption and energy-efficient forward movement.

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