Dating dutch women

I have never been particularly popular with the Dutch girls.My problems were that I’m very average looking, not tall and quite shy. About 1.5 years ago I returned to The Netherlands because I was offered a great job here.

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Oftentimes I thought my opinion and feelings about them were only my perception and not the real truth.

These were almost her literal words because I wrote them down immediately after our conversation. Most guys would take advantage of that but he is the faithful type, and actually doesn’t like the attention he gets.

He is also at a loss about it, he obviously has many friends from the same place and told me they all experience the same, even his 140 kilo butt ugly Surinam friend has the girls falling for him wherever he goes.

Guys from Indonesia (Holland has quite a large Indonesian population) are a little bit less popular but generally still do well with the Dutch girls.

Last come the guys from other parts of Europe of which the Southern Europeans (Italians, Spaniards) are more popular then the Northern Europeans (Germans, British etc).

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