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After a brief vision of hell, the movie cuts to a nameless marine, taking the player's first-person shooter view.The player kills various zombies, imps, and commandos, before running out of ammo and being killed by a Hell Knight, who then rips off the player's head (the camera view) and eats it.[7] One memorable scene is when a Pinky Demon is eating the intestines of a Fat Zombie in the bathroom.[8] At the same time of the E3 2002 demo showing, a downloadable film made by Fountainhead Entertainment was released, called Doom III: The Legacy, which contrasted Doom/Doom II with the new Doom III and featured interviews with key id Software staff.

The key advance of the Doom 3 graphics engine is the unified lighting and shadowing.This allowed an in-game computer terminal to perform more than one function, such as a readily apparent door-unlocking button, combined with a more obscure function allowing an astute player to unlock a nearby weapons locker.Other important features of Doom 3 engine are normal mapping and specular highlighting of textures, realistic handling of object physics, dynamic, ambient soundtrack and multi-channel sound.Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack, two of id Software's owners, were always strongly opposed to remaking Doom.They thought that id was going back to the same old formulas and properties too often.

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