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In a blur, I could see my head being chopped off and then rolling on the forest floor.When it came to a stop, I could see my mouth moving and my eyes blinking.” There are several meanings that can be derived here.When it comes to subconscious content involving death, there are four primary manifestations that show up in dream content:1. When you read these, look for symbolism as part of the dynamic.For each, I’ve paraphrased actual client experiences. The knight raised his sword and swung it with a mighty force.For example, Hellenistic era Greeks suggested dreams about the loss of a loved one were symbolic of prosperity, bestowed upon the dreamer by the Gods (Shushan, 2006).The Egyptians believed that when a person dreamed of coffins, the casket itself represented rebirth.

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The same holds true when your dream is about a loved one dying, like a parent, child, sibling or grandparent. Some people have dreams about a celebrity dying, like an actor, musician or famous public figure. Finally, there are haunting dreams where a dead family member suddenly “shows up” out of the blue. What I’ve learned is that nocturnal imagery is usually symbolic of something deeper.

The veracity of their claims, like the one involving Mr. Now that we have a basis to work from, let’s look at deadly dreams through the lens of psychology. There are more viewpoints about what dreams mean than I can shake a stick at.

Moreover, the theories are largely shaped by the analyst’s theoretical framework.

In Nate’s case, he could be holding internal fears about a battle he is having deep inside.

That he was paralyzed in his dream is an indication of how “stuck” he feels.

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