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Students enrolled in any virtual charter school are not included on PI-1206 forms and are not considered to be homeschooled according to Wisconsin law.Therefore, they are not eligible for GBACH membership, nor can they participate in GBACH only events and activities unless granted explicit permission by the coordinator or board.

Fall Picnic - A beginning-of-the-school-year event at a local park. Father-Child Campout - At this annual fall event, fathers and their children camp in tents at a state park for a weekend with other homeschooling families.

You can get information on how to do that GBACH maintains a clear delineation between virtual charter schools and private home schools and accepts only private homeschools for membership.

GBACH does not accept membership applications from families with students enrolled in charter schools, which is a public school at home program.

Curriculum Fair —This annual event provides members and the community the opportunity to preview various curricula that are available.

Elocution Clubs — Elocution is the art of effective public speaking.

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