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But if you've planned a camping trip, your chances of encountering bedbugs will likely be lower.When you return home from vacation, wash all your clothing—even the items you didn't wear—in hot water."You do not want to be a victim, especially when most hotels will move you without question and will do a proper inspection right away.They don't want their guests to leave the hotel with bedbugs and they don't want the problem to go untreated, either."Prior to check-in, ask the hotel what practices they've put in place to deal with bedbug prevention and treatment.These pesky critters can cause severe itching and welt-like bites, and it's costly to get rid of them if they follow you home.What's more, research suggests they can cause financial distress, anxiety, and social isolation. With these easy tips, you can cut your chances of critter trouble while on the road.Check in the cushions and seams of any couches or soft chairs, and in the closet before putting your clothes away.Leaving suitcases and bags on the floor—or on a second spare bed—may be one way to bring home an unwanted souvenir, says Henriksen.

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Many hotels conduct proactive inspections and work with pest management companies to quickly remedy any problems.Just because one guest room has a problem on Saturday, it certainly doesn't mean they'll be there on Wednesday or that it's a hotel-wide problem."One way to make sure bugs aren't lurking in your bed on vacation? Don't feel compelled to avoid hotels forever, though.Wherever you are, there's a chance you could pick up and bring home bedbugs while you're out and about, Henriksen adds.If you don't like to make waves, it may be tempting to stick with the room you've got, despite a little dirt on the mattress. Bedbugs, unlike mosquitoes and ticks, do not actively transmit diseases, but a 2011 Canadian study found that they could carry germs from one person to another—including the antibiotic-resistant germ, MRSA."Now's the time to be a little bolder and ask the right questions," says Henriksen.

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